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Across the Board Creations

Using our expertise with foam, we can take your maquette or computer-generated files for production purposes. Once the data file is sized and approved, the milling process will commence using our 7-axis KUKA robot or 6 CNC milling machines to produce your sculpture and make your dream a reality. We can craft enlargements, reductions, bronze sculptures, point-ups for artists, business signage, movie and TV props including large set elements, award-winning parade floats, industrial models, building facades; the list goes on and on! There really IS no project or budget we can't accommodate. 

No project is too big for Across The Board Creations; here we milled a 72 foot Mother Brachiosaur with her 25 foot baby for the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, MN. 

We milled an eagle with a 70 foot wing span from foam and then shipped the mold-ready pieces to the foundry where it was cast in bronze.


Enlargements are normally made of foam with an internal steel armature then coated and finished to the artist's preference. Click on the link below to see a portfolio of our Foam Enlargements.

Cast into Bronze

In this section, we take your maquette or scanned image, enlarge or reduce it in foam, then send it off to a foundry to be bronzed. Click on the link below to see our Bronze portfolio.