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Across the Board Creations


Here, you'll see Mr. Kevin Galloway (Owner of Across The Board Creations),

presenting Marilin States Grahn with the new "baton"

for the Women Riders World Relay group.

Read on...

The front side of the coin (seen on the left) has the WRWR logo, extruded from the coin,

and on the back side of the coin (seen on the right) we have the Canadian flag and year.

The outside edge of the coin (not pictured)

has been designed to look like the tread off of a motorcycle tire.

[Thanks to Miss. Kriz for putting her unique spin on the project.]

Last, but not least, thank you so much, Marilin,

for giving us the opportunity to create this for you!

It's been a pleasure.  

For more information on the Women Riders World Relay group,

you can visit their website here:

Oh Deer...

Across The Board Creations 

recently had the opportunity to assist Parker3D

with one of their famous holiday displays!

Designed by Parker3D,

these faceted Deer were 3D Printed, assembled, and

finished by Across The Board Creations.

They stand over 7' tall ~

and are covered in a blanket of Diamond-Dust glitter!  

The deer flew out of our shop,

and headed South for the holidays.

'Tis the season...

(Hopefully they won't outshine Santa!)

Authorization granted for use of photos provided by Parker3D.